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Bug#809451: sponsorship-requests: librep/0.92.5-1 [ITA]

On Fri, Jan 01, 2016 at 04:32:03PM +0000, Jose M Calhariz wrote:
> On 31/12/15 12:42, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> > * d/control:
> >   + bump standards-version to the last policy release, 3.9.6
> >     - this also requires adding stuff to d/rules.  maybe just use dh?
> >   + canonicalize Vcs-* (for -Browser please use https)
> Canonicalize?  Ha, I found an example on google.
> Done.

eheh.  btw, I actually find this a bit annoying.  The current alioth
admin set up a bunch of redirects, but some are missing, and he said
he's not going to add more, since there are already something like more
then hundreds rewrite rules already in place...
He's right, though.

> Done
> >   + please use dh-autoreconf (aka, #744619, you even have a patch!)
> Modified the patch, but follow most of it.

ok, but please add a DEP-3 header to the patch
0002-guess-stack-direction you added.

> >   + can you use the short dh format?  (I can even live without, it's
> >     just I prefer quite more dh over plain debhelper)
> I have learned to use debhelper and dh does too many magic things for
> me.  Until I
> understand better how packaging works I will give priority to debhelper
> over dh.

ok, fine.
I understand the point, that's the reason for which I kinda hate cdbs :)
maybe I like dh because I read its sources and learned how to deal with
If something particular concers you, please ask!

> >   + for the 'version' variable, please use `dpkg-parsechangelog -S`
> >     instead of sed
> I don like sed too.  But the replacement is different because that
> variable name "version"
> is a misnomer.

oh, I see.  I didn't notice you were sedding d/control and not
d/changelog.  usually something similar (but more complex, really) it's
used to get the current version of the package.
Well, dh_listpackages is nicer than sed, yeah! :)

> I am stuck on the next changes.  I will read documentation to understand
> what better what I  need to do.

please read and try to search and understand things, but if you're stuck
just ask, if you're lucky you'll get directions, worst case somebody
will drop you URLs ;)

> Meanwhile I am publishing my changes to collab-maint
> so anyone can review it.

yeah, thanks, nice.

> >   + I didn't really check, but do you really need to do such mess by
> >     generating the .install files at build time?  seems, well... doesn't
> >     *look* needed, at least.
> It is an inheritante from the past.

yeah, figured.  well, if you can understand what it really does maybe
you can replace it by something nicer..

> > * you have a librep9.symbols, probably you should rename it, and update
> >   to have the newer symbols, and remove the old ones.
> > * please bump to debhelper compat 9
> >   + this will also make (or at least help) make the lib multiarch-able
> >     - for this to work you need to start using dh_auto_configure instead
> >       of manual calling ./configure, though
> >     - note that with this several .install will need an update
> >     - I see you already had troubles with --host and --build configure
> >       flags: 1) I wonder why you need --host at all, we are not
> >       cross-compiling... 2) dh_auto_configure takes care of --build.
> >     - suggestion: stop fiddling so much, and use dh + dh_auto_configure.

multiarchifying a lib can be hard.  But I don't think this is going to
be that hard.  If I were you I'd just try to use dh_auto_configure
instead of plain ./configure call, and bump the debhelper compat.
See https://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/Implementation for some hints,
note that that page has some outdated bits (but we all hate keeping docs
up to date :( )

> > * librep-dev.links => no, please.  linking /usr/share/doc/<pkg>
> >   directory ain't nice at all, why is that in first place?
> >   + but if you don't want to change it now it's fine, note that just
> >     removing it and let dh take care of it isn't enough, you need a
> >     maintscript for that
> >   + I see there already are preinst snippet to remove the directory.  my
> >     reaction to this is: wtf?  it does so quite unconditionally and -.-'
> > * d/copyright:
> >   + I'd appreciate a DEP-5 copyright format (but I can live without)
> > * trailing whitespaces:
> >   + d/rules:46
> >
> >
> > it seems that this upload is going to start a library transition.
> > If so, then you need to upload to experimental, and follow
> > https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ReleaseTeam/Transitions or, am I missing
> > something?
> The only revert depends are the sawfish and rep-gtk.  But lets follow
> the transitions guidelines and start by
> uploading it to experimental.

yes please.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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