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Re: Re: Re: mentor wanted

Hi again Stephan

>Well, the whole idea behind blends is packaging. For example, to
>have tasks posted to the website I need a control file in a Debian
>folder. I need a rules file, I need metafiles, etc, etc.

yes, if they are specific to packaging I think I can help here :)
Just give us *something* more pratical than an "i need to put a control file"
give us a source package name, a downloadable tarball, some preliminary work
(do you know debmake or dch?)

you might want to start from there maybe


>I can understand you guys not wanting to get involved and that is>fine by me. I can always read the documentation. I was just going
>by the manual which lead me to expect more general help in this

this is simply untrue, I can't help in infrastructure issues (I know
almost anything that is behind Debian Blend), but for packaging issues
me and many other people will help you in many ways.

BTW, I try to avoid private emails if possible, because your issues (and 

our answers) might help many other people in the future with the same packaging



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