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Re: Re: Re: mentor wanted

+++ Stephan Foley [2016-01-09 22:02 -0500]:
> Hi Gianfranco,
> Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
> > A whole set of issues, but mentors as said by Paul is regarding
> > mostly packaging issues
> Well, the whole idea behind blends is packaging. For example, to
> have tasks posted to the website I need a control file in a Debian
> folder. I need a rules file, I need metafiles, etc, etc.
> I can understand you guys not wanting to get involved and that is
> fine by me. I can always read the documentation. I was just going
> by the manual which lead me to expect more general help in this
> mailing list.

It's not so much a matter of not wanting to get involved - it's just
that few of us know anything about the details of blends. We know
about packaging. So we can't actually help much.

I am aware that blends are mostly implemented by way of special
packages but not what goes in them...

So do please ask here again if you have packaging problems, or you
don't get any help on the blends list, but honestly, asking there
(+self-help of course) is the best advice from what you've explained
so far.

And unless you _need_ to ask something in private for some reason,
it's much better to ask in public. That way the question is already
answered for the next person who comes along and searches. It's
doesn't matter if the questions feel dumb - we all had to start
somewhere. The instruction you found about mentoring 'via private
email' possibly meant to refer to the contact being by private mail,
not to the asking and answering of queries, although I agree it could
be read either way.

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