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Re: Failed to stop defining RPATH in libncl

On 04/01/16 16:32, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
Hi Andreas,

Hmmm, the libraries are installed in usr/lib/{triplet} so I'm not sure>what you are talking exactly.  If git.d.o would be online I'd commit
the current status with cleaned up packaging and removed RPATH.

nope, they were installed in usr/lib/{triplet}/ncl/

so unless you try to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH or you use an RPATH your linker just won't
be able to open them.

Expanding on this, IMHO you really have two choices:
- Leave the rpath in place, the libraries in .../ncl/ and ignore the lintian warning after verifying that the rpath is indeed to the .../ncl/ dir. - Move the libraries to /usr/lib/{triplet}, remove the rpath and mute the warning.

The choice is really about if the libraries are "internal" in the sense that they only are used by the applications in the package, or if they are intended to be used by other applications.

From a guidelines perspective both solutions are fine. Fedora and Debian seems to have the same rules here.



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