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Re: Failed to stop defining RPATH in libncl

Hi Andreas,

>thanks for your attempt to help.

you are welcome!
>I admit the chrpath hint by Alec Leamas was sufficient to solve the rpath

it isn't unless you also move the libraries in usr/lib/triplet

>Well, I removed some cruft but I'd like to keep the d-shlibs thingy for
>the moment since the packaging uncovers some potential bug in d-shlibs
>which I'd like to track down.  (Believe it or not - I'm a fan of this
>tool. ;-))

I believe what you say, I'm a fan of simple packaging instead :)

(specially when the package is trivial)

>Hmmm, the libraries are installed in usr/lib/{triplet} so I'm not sure>what you are talking exactly.  If git.d.o would be online I'd commit
>the current status with cleaned up packaging and removed RPATH.

nope, they were installed in usr/lib/{triplet}/ncl/

so unless you try to export LD_LIBRARY_PATH or you use an RPATH your linker just won't
be able to open them.

if ldd shows them means that you have rpath set (look with objdump).

if the linker picks them when running the binary it means you have some LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
ld.so.conf.d or whatever set.

please look carefully to the libraries you install, and when they aren't in the default location
the resulting binary won't be able to pick them (and segfaulting on startup).
As Wookey said, check this :)



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