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Re: [RFS] python-xtermcolor


> [I don't intend to sponsor this package, sorry.]
No problem, comments are welcome

> The watch file doesn't work:
I'll look into that

> I'm pretty sure distribute_setup.py shouldn't be included in the binary
> packages.
Right, and I am not even using it for creating the .deb package because on 
python3 it acts very oddly.

> The README files are not very useful; I wouldn't install them into the
> binary packages.
Well I think I'll leave it there.

> Is it intentional that you don't install the command-line tool?
Yes, I didn't see the point of it and it would need another package.

> Signal-to-noise ratio in the patch headers is very low. Please re-read
> them and remove unnecessary parts.
Ops, I thought the fields under the line would be automatically removed 
because not used!

> I'd recommend you not to use a more restrictive license for debian/
> directory than upstream uses.
What are the cons of doing so?

> What is "SHELL=sh -e" for? It doesn't look like it makes any difference
> here, but maybe I'm missing something.
Uhm not sure, I kinda copied and pasted from python-gnupg because i had 
problems in convincing dh to generate a py3 package.

> The code special-cases TERM=vt100, which is quite odd given that this
> terminal doesn't support colors. On the other hand, there are tons of
> terminal emulators that do support color, but won't benefit from this
> package. Oh, and to add insult to injury, VT100 support doesn't even
> work correctly:
I will patch that and probably upstream will merge it.

> Similarly, if you set TERM=xterm-256color (which is what is needed to
> get 256 color support in applications using terminfo), you won't get any
> colors.
konsole sets to "xterm" and is capable of showing 256 colors, i can add that 
case but normally TERM is set to xterm


Salvo Tomaselli

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