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Re: building for more than one distribution


On 03/21/2012 11:29 PM, Dennis van Dok wrote:
>> - change the distribution in debian/changelog before building: 
>> "debchange -D $dist <maybe other options>"
> Thanks, but this complicates my procedures. After calling debchange
> I'm left with a modified tree and svn-buildpackage will complain I
> have uncommitted changes. Consider that this has to be done for some 5
> or 6 distributions (including the Ubuntu ones).
> I found that reprepro handles things a little better than
> mini-dinstall; it comes with changestool which can manipulate changes.

sbuild has a "-d" option that I believe also changes the field in the
.changes.  It also has options to append a suffix to the version which
you need if you want to keep binary packages built for multiple
distributions in the same archive.


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