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Re: Help updating debian/templates


Le 23/02/2012 10:23, Nick Leverton a écrit :

> I want to add some additional examples to the debconf templates in my
> package nullmailer.

Is this really necessary?


> The examples would only change config file entries
> (for the nullmailer/relayhost entry), and shouldn't need translating -
> they would be the same in all languages.

So flag them as non translatable if they are really not translatable
(note that most example should be translatable), see po-debconf(7). You
may wish to ask for advices on debian-l10-english@l.d.o (send your
modified templates in order to get them reviewed).

> I note that if I run debconf-updatepo, my updated template gets amended
> into all extant .po files, and they all get marked as "fuzzy".  Is this
> all I need to do, or do I have to notify anyone or do anything about
> the fuzziness ?

Please send a translation call with podebconf-report-po(1), even if only
one string changed, *before* uploading the package.

The Developer's Reference describes all this (but I've a doubt when you
claim that “all [strings] get marked as "fuzzy"”, and wonder if you did
something wrong).




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