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Re: looking for debian developers in manchester to sign my key

I believe so.  But to test, just try signing a file with
e.g. "gpg --clearsign", and check the hash at the top.  It's also
possible to configure gpg to use different hashes, but in my
experience, it defaults to SHA2[56] with 4096 bit RSA with
current GnuPG versions.
Thanks, I have confirmed I can generate a SHA256 signature with my key

I'm not in Manchester, I'm afraid; I'm a researcher at the
University of York.  If you did want to venture out of Manchester,
I would certainly be willing to meet up in York, and there are
other DDs also in York who would be happy to meet up for keysigning;
probably even more so if it involved meeting up in a nice pub (of
which York has many)!
Thanks for the offer, I will consider it if I cannot find a second signer in
Also, FYI, there's a Debian-UK mailing list.  You might have
more success asking there.  And as a developer in the UK, you
would also be welcome on the list in any case.
Thanks I have asked on that list

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