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Re: about my e-mail of today in the morning

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 4:56 PM, Arno Töll <debian@toell.net> wrote:
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> On 16.02.2012 22:28, SchmiTTT wrote:
>> This is no April's joke in this February ...
> Yet it is off-topic here and your gibberish does not seem to make any
> sense to me.
> You could send out proper mail headers at least, which would allow us
> to ignore you more easily.

Yeesh, ouch!

I don't want to ride you too hard here, because I both respect and
love working with you, but this email is just crazy out of line.

I'm personally a bit perturbed with the choice of phrases you've
picked, and I really don't think there's any point in beating up
someone who's not used or familiar with our protocols

I don't think this conveys the tone we wish to set in this group, and
for that, I apologize to Val.

> </eot>
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Perhaps you should look at making this into an upstream project, so
motivated Debian contributors may work on getting this software into

We don't usually accept code snippits as full packages, so perhaps if
you were to get this into a larger utils project, or even start a
collection for working with BIOSs, or something.

Best of luck!

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