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Bug#659854: RFS: vpnc/0.5.3r512-1 - Cisco-compatible VPN client (new upstream snapshot)

Hi Gregor,

thanks a lot for the review. I've uploaded a new package into the same

> > dget -x http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/v/vpnc/vpnc_0.5.3r512-1.dsc
> > http://mentors.debian.net/package/vpnc

> - I think PREFIX is only needed for the install but not for the build
>   target in debian/rules.

you're right, I've removed the build target override

> - uscan - debian/watch don't work. I don't know if there are releases
>   planned but for the svn snapshots a get-orig-source target might be
>   nice.

I don't know of any planned releases, but I suspect the active
contributors don't have access to the website... I've added a
get-orig-source target.

(uscan works for me, only it says "remote site does not even have
current version" -- I suppose that's what you meant?)

> - debian/copyright: mismatch between GPL-2+ and "version 1 ...
>   GPL-1".

uh, I wonder where I mis-copy-pasted that paragraph from... :-O

> - debhelper 9 might (or might not, I haven't checked) pass more
>   hardening *FLAGS down to the build system?
> - Similar: The package doesn't seem to honour DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt.

dh 9 does in fact pass extra hardening options to gcc, and also honours
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS (and produces lots of ignored-return-value warnings).

I bumped the dh compat level.

> - "mk-version: 6: mk-version: Syntax error: "(" unexpected"
>   looks a bit ugly (only triggered by dash, not by bash or zsh, and
>   checkbashisms also whines), and it leads to
>   "-DVERSION=\"\"" in the gcc calls.

...and an empty version string for vpnc --version. That's indeed ugly! I
had somehow thought it would just use the latest upstream release
version without any SVN revision, and postponed the investigation, so
thanks for spotting this!

I'll email upstream about the bashisms (probably easiest to just switch
the interpreter to /bin/bash), and patched the Makefile to take the full
upstream version string from dpkg-parsechangelog.

> (If you have the package in git somewhere reviewing future changes
> would be more convenient for me :))

of course!

https://github.com/fschlich/Debian-vpnc or rather
git clone git://github.com/fschlich/Debian-vpnc.git vpnc


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