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Re: RFS: libpam-abl , bug fix , package is already in Debian

On 01/21/2012 03:02 PM, Alex Mestiashvili wrote:
On 01/20/2012 06:28 PM, Jakub Wilk wrote:
* Alex Mestiashvili<alex@biotec.tu-dresden.de>, 2012-01-16, 20:16:

The changelog says "debian/control added DM-Upload-Allowed", but
0.4.2-1 had already this field.

What do you mean by "other architectures" (in the patch header)?

Hi Jakub ,

It failed to built on many archs -
With this patch it suppose to be better , but I agree that the
description sounds ambiguous.
I've uploaded a new version with the corrected description .
Assuming that the patch header was meant to follow DEP-3, then please
note that the Description field is supposed to be like Description in
debian/control: there are two parts, short and long one (though the
latter is optional).

But let's go to more important things. This:

     printf(PAD "%s (%lu)\n", buf, (unsigned long)data.size /

is surely better than:

     printf(PAD "%s (%ld)\n", buf, (long int)data.size / sizeof(time_t));

(which you had in the previous version). But to be pedantically
correct, it really should be:

     printf(PAD "%s (%zu)\n", buf, (size_t)data.size / sizeof(time_t));

I also modified changelog such a way that line "debian/control added
DM-Upload-Allowed" appears in the correct section , but I have some
doubts if it is ok to edit old changelog sections .
That's fine with me.

I see , your version is better .
But the upstream has released a new version which fixes this and other
problems .
I hope that shape of the package is good enough .

Thank you for taking care ,

I've re-uploaded the package with fixed version string :

Regards ,

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