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Bug#657428: RFS: surf -- simple web browser (QA upload)

On 22:40 Fri 27 Jan     , Jakub Wilk wrote:
> For the record, the bug number is #657646.
> As I commented there, I'm not convinced that reducing priority is
> necessary. That said, it won't do (much) harm either, so I don't
> really mind.
> Please consider applying the attached patch, which fixes some minor
> whitespace issues.

Applied. Thanks for the patch :) (That reminds me I'm always bad at
cosmetics )

> I see you added patch header to debian/patches/X11.diff, which is
> great, but if it was meant to follow DEP-3:
> - "Last-Updated" should be spelled "Last-Update" and should use
> YYYY-MM-DD format.
> - You could add Bug-Debian field.
> Oh, my remark about Last-Update(ed) also applies to
> dpkg-buildflags.patch. :)

So much for trying to write dep3 header without looking at DEP3 page
;). Fixed it and added Bug-Debian too.

New version is already uploaded to mentors. Thanks for the reviews

Best Regards
Vasudev Kamath

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