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Re: RFS: suckless-tools 39-1


On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 12:36 PM, Michael Stummvoll <michael@stummi.org> wrote:
> I uploaded a new version of the suckless-tools package:
>  * dropped st now, cause its maintained by the stterm-packe.
>  * included sprop and lsx from the suckless-upstream into the package.
>  * changed slock to not suid root but setgid shadow
>  * changed to quilt sourceformat with multiple tarballs
> It would be fine if somebody can take a look at it.

I'm not a DD and only did a shallow review, but it looks good to me.

There are good alternatives to slock that use PAM (such as i3lock).
Perhaps in the future you might want to drop slock entirely, I'm not
sure how much inconvenience that would be.

I noticed that some earlier reviews were all done in the BTS
(precisely replies to your ITA, #647090). It would be nice if those
reviews were Cc'ed to mentors, as I actually was in the middle of a
review when I noticed some stuff had already been talked about there.

It would also be better if you posted the .dsc URL again, in special
because you're not replying to the original e-mail that mentioned the
URL. If someone wants to review it:


Some more nitpicking:

* The slock_shadow patch is not in DEP-3 format.

* There's trailing whitespace in README.slock.Debian.

* You might want to set more hardening flags (such as hardening+=all)

* Typo in debian/changelog: Updatet.

Thanks for working on this.


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