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Re: Help with architecture not supporting SSE (Was: Bug#656755: libhmsbeagle FTBFS on everything except amd64)

Hi Peter,

many thanks for the patch which was in fact helpful to solve the problem.

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 11:04:13AM +0000, peter green wrote:
> Ok I took pity on you and took a look at the Makefile.am in that
> directory, turns out it wasn't that hard to disable building of the
> CPU with SSE plugin. You should really be able to do this kind of
> build-system modification yourself though, it's not like the package
> is using an exotic build system it's bog standard autotools.

I agree that this was not to hard.  However, I did not understand your
motivation to work behind a perfectly working clean target which was
fully functional by using autotools-dev, dh-autoreconf.  So I deleted
your part of debian/rules changes.
> I have tested that the resulting package builds on i386, I have not
> tested whether it actually works.

I noticed that now the plugin for amd64 is not builded and needed to
tweak debian/rules a bit by detecting the build architecture.  Hope this
will work now for all archs.
> The attatched patch makes the aforementioned change and also makes
> debian/rules clean actually work.

As I said, this was unnecessary.

Thanks in any case for your help



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