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Re: Making mentors.debian.net a .org

Michael Gilbert <michael.s.gilbert@gmail.com> writes:

> This should be a place for contributors to come together to
> collaborate and make their work better before pestering a DD about it;
> with minimal experienced intervention (mentoring).

I'm confused as to what your referent is. When you say “this should be a
place for […] minimal experienced intervention (mentoring)”, what place
do you mean?

The ‘debian-mentors’ resource is for contributors to find willing DDs to
mentor them in the art of Debian package maintenance, as part of
sponsoring a package into Debian.

> This is to attempt to help solve the problem that practically no DDs
> want to be burdened with mentoring. Let's make this about contributors
> primarily helping themselves.

You seem to be referring to something other than ‘debian-mentors’, am I

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