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Re: Help with java package (beast-mcmc) needed

On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 12:01:57PM +0100, Olivier Sallou wrote:
> >> Usually, this kind of problem is due to the CLASSPATH not containing
> >> jam.jar
> > $ grep jam debian/rules
> > export CLASSPATH := $(DEBJAR)/itext.jar:lib/beagle.jar:lib/mpj.jar:lib/org.boehn.kmlframework_20090320.jar:$(DEBJAR)/junit4.jar:$(DEBJAR)/figtree.jar:lib/colt.jar:lib/options.jar:lib/mtj.jar:$(DEBJAR)/jam.jar:$(DEBJAR)/jdom1.jar:$(DEBJAR)/jebl.jar:$(DEBJAR)/commons-math.jar
> >
> > As far as I understood you do not need to explicitely set CLASSPATH at
> > runtime (and it would not explain why the other executables are
> > perfectly finding the needed jars.
> For classpath, at runtime, all depends on how jar is generated. If it
> contains a MANIFEST file with the classpath defined, it will be able to
> find the JARS (supposing that libraries path are the same). If it dies
> not contains the classpath in the MANIFEST file, classpath must be set
> explicitly to each jar file in the command line (usually via a wrapper
> shell)

Apropos MANIFEST:  I formerly fiddled around with packaging using jh_manifest
and there is also some alternative packaging method at


featuring a debian/beast-mcmc.manifest file.  Believe it or not it shows
the very same behaviour.  The most strange fact for me is that the two
executables loganalyser and logcombiner are very similar but only one of
them runs and the other fails.

Do you think I should simply add a CLASSPATH variable to those scripts that
are failing without understanding why the others are working?

Kind regards



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