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Re: RFS: apt-spy

I do not intend to sponsor this package, but here is a review:

Do you have a VCS for apt-spy?

You might want to run wrap-and-sort -s

Why did you switch from a non-native package to a native one? The
debian/changelog file does not explain why.

The upstream Makefile says version 3.2.1 but you are uploading it as 3.2.2.

You are claiming copyright on files that you didn't add anything to or
only changed trivial stuff in (relative to the version in the
archive), is there a reason for that?

You are modifying old debian/changelog entries from the version in the archive.

#515515 is not the kind of bug that should be closed in a changelog.

Please read the devref section about changelog entries.

Your debian/changelog entries could use some improvement, I would
suggest this instead:

apt-spy (3.2.1-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release
   - Fixes segfault with option -m and special args (Closes: #645839)
   - Fixes another segfault (Closes: #447232)
   - Fixes segfault with with -v or -h options (Closes: #491802)
   - Fixes the region filter (Closes: #617699)
   - Fixes paths in the man page (Closes: #548591, #551344)
   - Doesn't get confused by leading blanks (Closes: #457049)
   - Inlines initialization of defaults (Closes: #317592)
   - Tests all of the IP addresses for a mirror (Closes: #320112)
  * Applied patch to copyright and other files (Closes: #645910)
  * Moved mirrors.txt from /var/cache/apt-spy to /var/cache/apt
  * Updated to latest policy, ???no changes needed?????

 -- Stefano Canepa <sc@linux.it>  Sun, 18 Dec 2011 00:02:21 +0100

There is an empty dir in the source package: debian/dir

Your postinst will cause the package to fail to upgrade if there are
any extra files in /var/cache/apt-spy or /var/lib/apt-spy/.

The comment in debian/lintian-overrides does not make any sense for
the tag that is overridden.

debian/apt-spy.lintian-overrides seems to contain

Why is debian/postinst under a different license to the rest of the package?

Why is the debian/menu file in the package? apt-spy doesn't appear to
provide any sort of GUI.

You have created a GPL incompatibility by licensing trim.h/trim.c
under the GNU GPL v3. Please switch away from the OpenSSL variant of
curl or relicense those files. The latter would require permission
from the monit copyright holders. You have stripped their copyright
notices out of those two files, which I think might be illegal.

Some files without any copyright holder or license were added.

You might want to switch to debhelper 7 dh rules.tiny style

I guess in debian/rules you meant to not set DH_VERBOSE.

cppcheck finds 3 resource/memory leaks.

The README.Debian can be removed since everything in it is either
irrelevant or documented in the upstream README.

There is one gcc warning.

apt-spy is not available in Ubuntu, you might want to investigate why.

Please review the debtags to make sure they still apply:


Please add a screenshot of typical usage:


lintian warnings:

W: apt-spy: latest-debian-changelog-entry-changed-to-native
I: apt-spy: extended-description-is-probably-too-short
I: apt-spy: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man8/apt-spy.8.gz:117



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