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Re: RFS: v3c-2.4.0-01

On 16/12/11 13:53, Etienne Millon wrote:
* Philip Ashmore<contact@philipashmore.com>  [111215 08:51]:
   - I don't think that debian/*.in should be there.

Where in debian/rules can I insert a command to delete the
debian/*.in files?

If it is not necessary, it is best to not put it there in the first
place (ie, to remove it from the source package).
Er, no I don't think I'll remove them from the source package.
I package the whole thing as a distribution-neutral tar ball.
I figured out how to remove them in debian/rules.

I've fixed all the lintian errors and most of the warnings, but another issue has come to light.

I guess I shouldn't post the updates to SourceForge GIT until I can get v3c accepted to Debian.

Won't lintian/sponsors complain that the version being submitted is newer than the upstream version
- the version pointed to by the watch file?


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