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Re: RFS: qastools

> A few comments about your man pages:
>   - Your .TH line is "wrong" (you shouldn't use the command name and
>     section number a second time after the date); have a look at
>     /usr/share/man/man7/man-pages.7.gz for a better example.
>   - qasconfig and qashctl don't take any options; please adjust their
>     SYNOPSIS accordingly.
>   - "SEE ALSO provides a comma-separated list of related man pages,
>     ordered by section number and then alphabetically by name" (see
>     man-pages(7)); please also indicate the section number in
>     parentheses following the name.
>   - In qasconfig(1), you list qasconfig in the SEE ALSO section, intead
>     of (presumably) qashctl(1).
>   - Please consider removing the AUTHOR section from all three man
>     pages, as advised in man-pages(7). It wouldn't hurt having copyright
>     information for the man page in a comment header though.

Ok, I've done some changes on the manpages and uploaded a new package.
Does this look better now?

dget -x

(This is called 0.16.1 but it's not official yet for that I can still
fix problems.)


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