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Re: NMU done but unresponsive maintainer

Hi Alexander,

2011/12/9 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org>:
> I'm sorry, but personally I don't like to sponsor your NMU.
Makes me sad ;) (joking)

> Some of the reasons are:
> * Only fixing a wishlist bug, nothing else
> * The wishlisht bug is a "new version" not detailing why the new version
> is needed

I maintain the nautilus-image-manipulator package, which uses
python-poster to upload files to a website. However there was a bug in
python-poster 0.7.0 which I reported and which got fixed in 0.8.0. N I
M's source code currently contains a hard copy of python-poster 0.8.0,
and would like to get rid of it and use the dedicated Debian package
as a dependency instead (reducing duplication of code/bugs/etc).
See [minor] bug 648030 [0]

> * No apparent consent of the maintainer for the NMU
As pointed to by David, maintainer suggests NMU.

> * Not a minimal NMU, changing other stuff, too
This package only has the latest version and addresses the Lintian
helper-templates-in-copyright error and the
out-of-date-standards-version warning.

> * Python package, I'm not really familiar with
I get that ;)

> Have you considered taking over maintenance of the package, probably in
> the python packaging team (which might help you find new sponsors)?

I'm not fundamentally against taking over maintenance of the package,
but I'm still very new to Debian packaging (not a DM or DD). Would
that be a problem?
Also, how is the "taking over maintenance" part done in a diplomatic
way with regards to the current maintainer?


[0] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=648030

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