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Re: leechcraft (closes ITP bug, 33 days have passed)


> I probably won't sponsor the package, but I was wondering if it is
> really necessary to build 53 binary packages (if I did not miscount)?

The short answer: yes, it is.

Here I can cite the description from my first message:
> LeechCraft is a free open source cross-platform modular internet-client. It
> consists of a core which defines common plugin interfaces and a lot of plugins
> for different purposes. User can install any combination of them to achieve
> the necessary functionality.
> The main advantage of such approach is that modules could interact more closely
> than standalone programs in usual Desktop Environments. Thus, plugins can also
> rely on functionality provided by each other. Plugins could also have their own
> plugins: for example, support for different protocols or chat window styles in
> an IM client. 

I made separate packages for each plugin. So user will be able to install only
those packages which he really need. This is the main idea of the project...
LeechCraft is very flexible.

Also not of all plugins are enabled now. So it will be more packages...

You can compare it with KDE infrastructure: kdelibs + lot of programs.

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