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Re: Notes about mentors.debian.net

Hi Arno,

>> 1) Successfully uploaded packages are not deleted from mentors.debian.net as it
>> was earlier. There is no even such option in account settings. So people should
>> remove own packages manually. Not all need current functional for package
>> reviewing...
> There is a setting. If you are logged in, you can remove a package by
> clicking on the "Delete package" link.

You have read my message carelessly. Read this cite again please. I have wrote
about possibility to delete a package manually. But option for _automatic_
deletion in an _account_settings_ is not the same that a hyperlink for manual
deletion in a package page.

>> 2) There is no any marker that a package was uploaded to the Debian in package
>> details page.
> Such packages are being removed (again) in future. The code is already
> there [1].

Sounds good. This is a really important function.

>> 3) Some time ago it was very interesting field with counter in package details
>> page. That counter was showing the number of downloads by potential sponsors.
>> There is no such useful counter now. Was it something wrong with its algorithm?
> I didn't assume anyone would miss it. Apparently people do, so it may
> come back in future. Or, if you want, send me a patch enabling it.
> Unless I am mistaken we have some code tracking it already.

Unfortunately I have no enough free time to investigate this code and make own
patches. Maybe I will look it later. Very later...

Thanks for reply.


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