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Re: News about the mentors.debian.net transition to upgraded software

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011, Michael Tautschnig wrote:

Hi Asheesh,


If you upload a new package to mentors.debian.net before the end of
Thu Aug 11, then your package might get lost. If you find that's the
case, just re-upload it.

Couldn't you put a big fat banner on mentors.debian.net during migration time? I've noticed that there is a short paragraph at the top of the page, but it really should be in all sorts of colours and bold. Oh, and couldn't the upload simply be disabled?

Yes -- we're working on reaching Signum to get access to do that.

We have built the migration process so we can easily re-run it, actually. So the race condition I described shouldn't really happen. It's really a "just-in-case" note -- we plan to do the migration once now, and once when Signum turns off upload (and/or adjusts DNS).

-- Asheesh.

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