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Re: RFS: taxbird (updated package)

Hi Olaf,

Sorry for the late reply (and it seems that all other people are busy as well

> I added two messages to the bug report #619734, including the diffs for
> the packages.
> I also uploaded new versions of libgeier (0.12-1.1) and taxbird
> (0.16-1.1) based on the packages, Marvin provided on his homepage.

I'm seeing two problems here:

- The NMU bug against libgeier should also be filed against libgeier package; in
  this case it was just appended to 619734.
- The NMU is (intentionally) based on Marvin's packages, which, however, don't
  exist in Debian (if they did, there wouldn't be too much of a need for an

Could you please build version -0.1 instead of 1.1, which combine Marvin's
changes and your modifications into on version, and then update the NMU diffs?
You will want to gzip those, as they will obviously be much larger, including
all the new upstream changes.

Thanks a lot,

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