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Re: RFS: xxxterm (2nd attempt)

Hi Kilian,

Kilian Krause <kilian@debian.org> writes:
> Even though I've not found a debian/copyright info for *.png and *.desktop
> files I'll sponsor your package as is. Please try to clarify what license
> upstream intended for them (probably ISC too) and document that
> appropriately (or even better have them ship a LICENSE file in their
> tarball). Let's see what FTPmasters will have to say.
> Further I'm still finding lintian moaning about:
> I: xxxterm: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man1/xxxterm.1.gz:70
> I: xxxterm: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man1/xxxterm.1.gz:71
> I: xxxterm: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign usr/share/man/man1/xxxterm.1.gz:748
> E: xxxterm: menu-icon-not-in-xpm-format usr/share/pixmaps/xxxtermicon32.png
> So you may still want to patch your manpage accordingly.
> The last one I personally don't consider a show-stopper here as
> http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/menu.html/ch3.html#s3.7 reads
> "should".
> Thus, built, signed, uploaded.

That's great, thanks a lot.

I will keep working on the package, following your suggestions.

Luis Henriques

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