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Re: RFS: lebiniou, lebiniou-data

Hi Olivier,

On 05/04/11 18:24, Olivier Girondel wrote:
> Dear mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for my packages "lebiniou" and
> "lebiniou-data".

Sadly I am not a DD, but I am responding to Michael's request for
non-DDs to review packages.

Technical quality of the package is overall very good.  Not to mention
the program itself is very impressive, I'll definitely be using it in
the future.

wrt to debian/copyright file there are a few issues:

* You might consider using DEP-5 as a best practice, this is up to you.
* You should probably mention the original author and license of
src/pnglite.[ch] in the copyright file.
* You should mention the copyright on fonts/FreeMono.ttf and preferably
ship the source if possible.  Alternatively, repack and exclude it.

(About the latter, I see that in Makefile.am you use --enable-debian to
disable installing the fonts.  I would say as a matter of style you
should keep all debian-specific tweaks inside the 'debian' directory.
Arguably it's better to patch the Makefile than to put this option in.
Regardless of where you put the option, though, everything in the
_source_ package needs a copyright statement.)

* In lebiniou-data, I'm loving the images!  Many of them are homemade,
but some of them look like they might be copyrighted.  All these images
need license statements in debian/copyright.  I'm guessing it won't be
practical to dig up these for some of them, so if I were you I would
just strip out the potentially problematic ones and only leave the ones
you are sure about.

* Manpage is lebiniou.6, but I'm not sure if Le Biniou would be called a
"game", though you can see it as one.  I'd be comfortable with it under
section 1.

* A few natural language nit picks about the description:
   "When you run Le Biniou it gives a revolutionary rendering of the
    sound you are playing."
  I don't disagree that it's revolutionary ;) but evolutionary might
  fit better with the short package description.
    "chose your own series of pictures"
  You probably mean 'choose'
    "discover a multidimensional –spatial and chromatic– way"
  Dash separation normally looks like " - ".  You want a space before
  'spatial' and a space after 'chromatic'.
    "comprehending musics and sounds"
  'Musics' is actually a valid plural but that's quite a strange
   academic usage, I'm guessing you meant just 'music'.

* I would prefer to have sequences.tar.gz installed unpacked, as it's
very small.  No big deal though.

* The program didn't seem to detect audio from Rhythmbox out of the box,
presumably as it was trying to use the alsa plugin where rhythmbox uses
pulseaudio.  Maybe consider adding a note to the manual about how to
switch the audio plugin, for new users.

Nice work!  One step closer.  ;)


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