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Re: Help with mantis package

Hy Boyd and Michal,

On 02/22/2011 04:53 PM, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 February 2011 03:56:45 Michal Navratil wrote:
>> i have been waiting for some time to see new 1.2.x branch package of
>> the mantis bug tracking software in debian. I have also tried to
>> contact responsible maintainers (as visible on the QA page) offering
>> some help but probably some filter caought my email as no response had
>> arrived.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but probably there were a problem with the
email, the best way would have been the bugtracker, as Boyd explained to

Just FYI we have done a lot of work on the new package version,
including the possibility to implement PostgreSQL, solving some
important outstanding bugs and working on a DFSG changes and resolving
some problems with new licenses on upstream version, and finally finding
a solution with the new implementation of external pluggins on mantisBT
 ... during the frezze state, as probably Michal will know, mantisBT
released 3 new upstream packages, and we couldn't upload any of them
because the stage of the moment, and there were some CVE that took
precedence over new implementations... probably we could upload to
experimental some of them, but as you know upstream were patching over
patching on this time, and we thought it would be better to release on
squeeze the more stable at this moment (it tooks 5 versions, including
stable one)... maybe a mistaken decision ... but that's done.

Now, we are finishing the work with the 1.2.4 release and it would be
greatly appreciated some help, particularly in tests with the new
version we are working around.

>> During last week i was trying to prepare package of the latest release
>> (currently 1.2.4) on my own and finally today it seems to be working.
>> I have briefly tested clean install and upgrade from the 1.1.8 version
>> (with mysql DB) on my project and it looks working.

Michal, if you're interested on help us I will agree to talk|contact to
you directly in some days for do some collab, if you feel better you can
upload your work by your own following the directions Boyd explained to
you, but I honestly would much appreciate that we can collaborate on
some way, specially not to waste our commonly effort.

> Most maintainers are appreciative of extra help, as long as it is done is such 
> a way that their efforts aren't wasted.  Establishing communication or 
> documenting attempts to do so is key.

Sure, thanks Boyd.

Best regards,


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