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Help with mantis package

i have been waiting for some time to see new 1.2.x branch package of
the mantis bug tracking software in debian. I have also tried to
contact responsible maintainers (as visible on the QA page) offering
some help but probably some filter caought my email as no response had

During last week i was trying to prepare package of the latest release
(currently 1.2.4) on my own and finally today it seems to be working.
I have briefly tested clean install and upgrade from the 1.1.8 version
(with mysql DB) on my project and it looks working.

I am completely noob to the debian packaging and development so i do
not suppose it is ready for general use (i am sure i missed several
important items) but i would like to offer my patch of tha package
directory to someone who knows how to do it in a right way or even try
to finish packaging.

My goal is to see latest mantis in debian testing.

As i had a bad luck sending an email to maintainers previously i would
like to ask someone for help what should be my next step.

Thanks for advices.

 Michal Navratil

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