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Re: Help with mantis package

On Tuesday 22 February 2011 03:56:45 Michal Navratil wrote:
> i have been waiting for some time to see new 1.2.x branch package of
> the mantis bug tracking software in debian. I have also tried to
> contact responsible maintainers (as visible on the QA page) offering
> some help but probably some filter caought my email as no response had
> arrived.
> During last week i was trying to prepare package of the latest release
> (currently 1.2.4) on my own and finally today it seems to be working.
> I have briefly tested clean install and upgrade from the 1.1.8 version
> (with mysql DB) on my project and it looks working.

Prepare a source package, upload to mentors.d.n and let us know it is 
available.  At the same time, open a wishlist bug against the existing package 
and attach your patch (debian/ directory only, not the changes to the upstream 
tarball) to the bug.  After the bug is filed, start the MIA process to 
determine if the maintainer is really missing.  At the same time, there will 
likely be feedback on this list about further changes you might need to make 
to the package.

After some period of time, if the maintainer is really MIA and your packaging 
is acceptable, one of the helpful DDs on the list can perform an NMU to get 
mantis 1.2 in the archive.  Alternatively, the maintainer may be around but 
just not concentrating on your package--if they are amicable, a "friendly" NMU 
can be done by one of the DDs on the list.

Most maintainers are appreciative of extra help, as long as it is done is such 
a way that their efforts aren't wasted.  Establishing communication or 
documenting attempts to do so is key.


Please correct me if any of these instruction is incorrect or otherwise ill-
advised.  I've not have to go through this process, so I'm speaking from a 
position of theory and study, not practice and action.
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