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Re: RFS: downtimed

Hi Mats,

do you need CC:s?

On Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011, Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> Good point. I have now chosen compatibility "8" and hence
> a debhelper dependency "(>= 8)" in the control file.


> I inserted Applied-Upstream stanzas in the two patches that
> have gone into Upstream's Launchpad repository.


> A small insert stating that I wrote the script, and some cosmetic
> changes while I were at it.
> More importantly, I did take notice of the fruitful discussion on
> the disadvantages of disabling a service in the default-script.
> Thus I removed that mechanism completely. The ability to use a
> status call with the initscript and the message conveyed in #601455
> are very convincing when read in one context.


> Now a renewed packaging is available.

Yay! I'm in the process of pbuilding, checking & uploading now \o/ :)


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