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Re: RFS: downtimed


On Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011, Don Armstrong wrote:
> > I don't like those disable-service-via-etc-default files at all.
> The only reason they should be used is when the default configuration
> should not start the daemon. After all, you can always achieve the
> same effect by putting an exit 0; in the default file if you
> absolutely needed to.

I've missed this reasoning so far, and can only agree.

Maybe someone can push this into developers reference (or policy?)

And there is also #601455, which IMO should just be used as a blocking bug for 
all the other against individual packages, which IMO don't implement it 
correctly. "invoke-rc.d $foo stop" should always work, even if disabled 
in /etc/default/foo - and if its not, its a bug in the package. 

General bugs or ranting usually doesnt really help much - except as reminder, 
ie in form of a blocking bug. :-)


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