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Re: RFS: triggerhappy

On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 03:10:21PM +0100, Stefan Tomanek wrote:
> Looking for a way of globally assigning hotkey handlers to the special keys
> found on my notebooks, I developed triggerhappy. I also use it to control
> headless systems, e.g. a ARM based MPD jukebox which is controlled by a USB
> keypad or bluetooth wiimote. Having this software in Debian would provide an
> easy way to bind commands to input events without the need for running an
> X11 session or logging in.


I am not a DD so cannot upload your package, however in the light of the
previous discussion on -mentors it looks interesting, so I have checked
it out.

I gather that this is a new package to Debian.  Your debian/changelog
should probably start from new in that case.  You could perhaps move
the existing debian/changelog to changelog.OLD or similar, if you want
to retain the history of the code's evolution before it entered Debian.

The new debian/changelog should start with the new version, 0.3.1-1,
and should Close: your ITP bug #603842 (you've closed it in a version
which AFAICS has never been in Debian).

The source files licensing (author, date and a pointer to COPYING) needs
to be made explicit in each file, via a comment block near the top:
Are you your own upstream ?  This could be easy to apply then :)

As this is new to Debian, perhaps you could look at doing your
debian/copyright file along the lines of DEP-5 to help in automated
licence checks ?  Your copyright file is quite clear, DEP-5 is just a
suggested format which sums it up in a standard way.  I can't find the
current format just at the moment ... anyone know it please ?

Sorry this took so long to write up, hope you can have a happy
$FESTIVITIES and write some more cool code for Debian :-)


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