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Re: RFS: triggerhappy

Dies schrieb Nick Leverton (nick@leverton.org):

> I gather that this is a new package to Debian.  Your debian/changelog
> should probably start from new in that case.  You could perhaps move
> the existing debian/changelog to changelog.OLD or similar, if you want
> to retain the history of the code's evolution before it entered Debian.

I'm not sure about that and I heard different opinions about it - does
it hurt to keep the old history? OK, it'll survive inside the git repository,
but is removing the history before the package introduction really necessary?

> The new debian/changelog should start with the new version, 0.3.1-1,
> and should Close: your ITP bug #603842 (you've closed it in a version
> which AFAICS has never been in Debian).

Sure, adding that line would be the first thing I'd do once someone volunteers
to sponsor the package.

> The source files licensing (author, date and a pointer to COPYING) needs
> to be made explicit in each file, via a comment block near the top:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2009/03/msg00451.html
> Are you your own upstream ?  This could be easy to apply then :)

Every .c-file has to contain that header? Sure, possible, but seems very 

> Sorry this took so long to write up, hope you can have a happy
> $FESTIVITIES and write some more cool code for Debian :-)

Well, thanks for your review, I'll try to do both :-)

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