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Re: A question about svn-buildpackage

* Ben Finney <ben+debian@benfinney.id.au>, 2010-12-14, 15:43:
mergeWithUpstream mode detected, looking for
I: mergeWithUpstream property set, looking for upstream source tarball...
E: Could not find the origDir directory, please check the settings! at
/usr/bin/svn-buildpackage line 595.
Is there anyone who can tell me how to solve this problem
Seems obvious to me.

Download the upstream tarball, rename it to hg-git_0.2.5.orig.tar.gz
and place it in ../tarballs/

It's not quite clear in the OP's message, but I think they're showing
that such a file already exists:

Qijiang Fan <fqj1994@gmail.com> writes:

$ls tarballs/
$cd schacon-hg-git-0ed3c70/
$svn-buildpackage -rfakeroot

Quijing Fan, can you confirm that the file does exist in the right

   $ pwd
   $ ls ../tarballs/hg-git_0.2.5.orig.tar.gz

If the directory does exist, I don't know why the ‘svn-buildpackage’
command would be complaining that it doesn't exist.

svn-buildpackage complains that way when mergeWithUpstream is set to 1, but the latest version of Debian package doesn't have the "debian_revision" component. In this case, the version was 0.2.5 instead of 0.2.5-1.

Jakub Wilk

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