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Re: RFS: wicd-client-kde

2010/11/2 Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <didier@raboud.com>
Iker Salmón San Millán wrote:

> I've added manpage

Nice, but not completely correct: it is named as a manpage for Qt: QT:(1),
etc. Please change that to wicd-client-kde.

Furthermore, it seems to lack
your name as author of said manpage (and mentioning how you prepared it).

But i am not pretty sure where tu put that
> there are so many troubles running network-manager-kde and wicd-daemon
> (actually a think they cannot run at the same time, i don't know why you
> can install both)

> I think that the best option is to add conflicts with knm-runtime because
In fact, you can install both because there is no reason not to be able to.

For now, I'd find this situation satisfactory, yet not ideal: icons should
be renamed on one side to avoid the conflict.

There is a big issue with the icons thing, i'll quote the author's response:

Unfortunately I can't do this, because I use the same name scheme as knm on purpose. Let me explain the situation:
- That name scheme is the one used by monochromatic icons on KDE4.5.x. There is no way to have control over it. So if I want the application to use those monochromatic icons, I have to use that name scheme.
Now the tricky part:
- The monochromatic icon set is shipped in kdebase-runtime as part of the "Air" desktop theme.
- network-wired.png (has to be used because is has a monochromatic equivalent) is shipped in oxygen-icons. 
- All the other icons are shipped with knm.
To sum up: The monochromatic icons are meant to be used with one and only one icon (well at least one icon name), but monochromatic icons + normal icons are dispatched in 3 different kde "parts" (I don't know how I should call them), and one of this "parts" is an application on its own (knm), so not generic. I hope you understand my explaination ;)
My plan was to get in touch with the knm guys eventually, to try to have all the icons in one place, but I haven't yet. But even if it happens, I doubt it will happen tomorrow, if you know what I mean...
So i guess that the best option is to comunicate with kde-devel team to see if it's posible to provide those icons with oxygen-icon-theme instead that with knm-runtime.  We'll see that.  But now i just want to keep correcting the package and see if i can do something that it worths, so i'll keep conflicts: knm-runtime for the present time.
The patch you have made to fix the spelling errors still has some issues:

* You should incorporate "DEP-3" headers to it.
* You are renaming the "informationsButton" object into "informationButton".
Why that ? This will never appear in the GUI and will only be a source of
errors, no ?
* You changed "adress" for "address" in the english source and in all po's,
but it seems you made a quick "search and replace". This has the following
 - in french, you substituted "adresse" for "addresse", which is wrong
  (french adresse has one 'd')
 - You changed the "source translations" blindly (aka the translations are
  not marked "fuzzy". How do you know that the non-plural form of
  "Information" is translated the same in chinese as its plural form ?

So I would say that both entagled part of the patch are wrong and I would
simply drop it: the code change is too risky and the i18n label change is
done too blindly.

Everything fixed i think...

I have upload the package again. I would be grate if someone could make another revision of it



P.S. i can't reproduce the error on "preferences" panel. It opens good for me. Can someone check that again?

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