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Re: desktopnova (rename packages or change dependencies?)

On Wednesday 09 June 2010 22:22:55 Daniel Leidert wrote:
> a) The usual way is, that such a desktop-dependent package will depend
> and pull in the required environment (compare it to e.g. a frontend of a
> program for GTK vs QT - we have several examples in the repository). So
> the user will see, what's going on.

The packages already depend on the libraries they use. So 

> b) Let both modules packages provide desktopnova-module and conflict
> with each other. Then let desktopnova depend on desktopnova-module. So
> the user will have to choose the module package to install. IMO this is
> a common solution.

The packages can be installed at the same time. There is no conflict.

> c) Create "dummy" packages (like e.g. gnome-media, gnome-core, ...) and
> let them depend on the right module package: e.g. create
> desktopnova-xfce and let it depend on desktopnova and
> desktopnova-module-xfce.

Renaming the packages is equal. More packages are unnecessary. But changing 
the dependencies helps, too.
> Well, your situation isn't uncommon. We have several examples in the
> repository and I described several common solutions above. IMO you can
> check against the list of e.g. `dpkg -l "*-gnome"'.

Thanks for this hint.

Since renaming is not considered as an appropriate option, I'll change the 
dependencies. The modules should depend on the main module. I think this is 
the best solution. Someone who doesn't agree?

Thank you,


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