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Re: desktopnova (rename packages or change dependencies?)


On 07/06/10 17:08, Stefan Haller wrote:

As far as I can see, there are currently two ways to avoid circular


  (2) Rename the binary packages to:
      * desktopnova-gnome
      * desktopnova-xfce
      * desktopnova-common


Solution #2 is much better, because the users would be able to choose their
supported desktop environment without any side effects. But the package is
very new in the Debian archive (only one upload so far) and as far as I know
renaming is not considered as the best way to go in many situations.

My mentor/sponsor also says, that renaming would be the better solution, but
before doing so I should ask on the mailing list for more comments.

I agree with your mentor, and if your package is little used, it's the best time to do the move, especially as your package is only in unstable yet. If you want to be nice to your user, you might still want to do a transition: 1. make desktopnova-module-XXX a transition / hollow package depending on desktopnova-XXX.
2. after a while, remove desktopnova-module-XXX


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