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Asking for DMUA: Yes while seeking first sponsor


I noticed that recently some people seem to seek first time sponsors
while asking for setting the "DM-Upload-Allowed: yes" flag at the very
same time.

While I can certainly understand Maintainers want to upload their
packages ASAP themselves, I would like to point out that I consider that
quite against the spirit of the Debian Maintainer Concept.

The idea is, that you convince an (experienced) Developer, that you can
do your work on your own on a per package basis.  As Debian Maintainers
don't need to pass the regular procedures to check their "technical
capabilities" (so to speak), the idea is to select the packages you are
allowed to upload on a case by case basis.  Or to give you an example:
Just because you can package simple game doesn't necessarily mean you
can package and maintain a shared library.

So I think asking for DMUA:Yes while seeking an initial sponsor is just
plain wrong, as convincing a DD shouldn't be a one timer.  I therefore
ask DMs not to ask to set this flag on the first upload, and DDs not to
do so.

Best regards,

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