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Re: RFS: protoaculous

On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 7:17 AM, Michael Gilbert
<michael.s.gilbert@gmail.com> wrote:

> Since this package is perhaps a bit weird, see the following
> links for more info:

Weird indeed! /me hugs the web

> The logic for building from existing prototype/scriptaculous packages
> is to avoid introducing duplicated code copies, which the security
> team rather despises ;)

Hmm, that makes it more like a static library, which is bad, but not
as bad as an embedded code copy. Actually, looking the package, it
isn't quite as bad as a static library. Hmm, you could make it even
less bad by adding triggers on the  prototype and scriptaculous files
and rebuilding there.

> It would be a lot easier to just copy the pre-built protoaculous, but i'm trying to be kind.

Don't forget DFSG #2 ;)

I'm wondering if we should encourage web developers to use this level
of insanity by packaging it in Debian? Hmmm, I guess then they'd just
dump it into their dev tree. Or not be using Debian in the first

Looking at the postinst code, actually I'm wondering if a more
generalised solution would be useful. Instead of including lots of JS
files in a page, you could define "bundles" and dpkg would then
rebuild the bundles whenever you upgrade one of the libjs-* packages
in the bundle. This could go into javascript-common to allow the speed
advantages of protoaculous  with more generality.



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