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Re: A meager copyright. Remotely acceptable?

The situation is getting clearer!

torsdag den  1 april 2010 klockan 20:37 skrev Paul Wise detta:
> On Thu, Apr 1, 2010 at 8:37 PM, Mats Erik Andersson
> <mats.andersson@gisladisker.se> wrote:
> > That leaves __one_single__ file (oftpd-0.3.7/COPYING) expressing a
> > claim of copyright. The text is below reproduced verbatim. As far
> > as I can understand the text there seems to yield no possiblility to
> > relate this to GPL, and to no other DFSG-compliant license either.
> > Am I correct in this observation?
> That looks like a BSD-like license to me. It seems to satisfy the DFSG too:

A comparison with the other BSD licenses, shows that the present license
is nothing else than the 2-clause BSD license, "Simplified BSD License",
or "FreeBSD License" as is explained to me in


According to the same page it is therefore DFSG compatible.

Thus the only question for me seems to be how to name this
license in a DEP-5 formed copyright file, a file which I will
have to compile. In the directory '/usr/share/common-licenses/'
only the 3-clause BSD license, "New BSD License", is present.

Gleaning in the package 'openntpd', I find that "License: BSD-2"
and inclusion of the test from COPYING would be the thing to do.
Does anyone disagree with this resolution?

Mats Erik Andersson

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