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Re: dpkg-buildpackage misunderstanding my instructions ...

Dear Joachim,

On Mar 28 2010, Wuttke, Joachim wrote:
> $ cat rules
> #!/usr/bin/make -f
> # -*- makefile -*-
> %:
>         dh  $@
> If these arcane lines must be modified, I would be most
> grateful for help -

You are correct that these lines may be confusing, since there is a lot
of abstraction and implicit behaviour done by those simple and terse

Using debhelper's version 7 is a good thing for just getting the
packaging working when you know about some of the implementation details
(and, here, the implementation details matter).

I would suggest that you take a notice on Sune Vuorela's e-mail:

You may want to use the debhelper-version-5-style debian/rules file, so
that you can see it better what is happening and which file goes where.

Hope this helps,

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