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Re: dpkg-buildpackage misunderstanding my instructions ...

Wuttke, Joachim wrote:
> Dear specialists:
> I am preparing two packages:
>    liblmmin3
>    liblmmin-dev
> from upstream project lmfit (http://www.messen-und-deuten.de/lmfit).
> [...]
> Problems:
> - The shared library liblmmin.so.3.0.2 went into the package liblmmin-dev, though I thought
> I clearly instructed the system to send it to package liblmmin3.
> - Why the hell liblmmin-dev contains the examples not only in form of *.c sources, but
> also as binaries (/usr/bin/*) ? I said nothing about that.
> Thanks in advance - Joachim
> [...]


It is debhelper (or/and your debian/rules file) and not
dpkg-buildpackage causing this issue.
  Have you checked whether it installs everything into
debian/liblmmin-dev/ rather than debian/tmp/?

Also, it is a release goal for Debian to get rid of ".la" files, so you
should not include them in a new package.


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