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Re: RFS: ceph

On Tue, 9 Mar 2010, Asheesh Laroia wrote:
> > Reviewing now. Initial thoughts:
> > 
> > * Your diff.gz is empty. I guess that's better than making this a native
> > package, but other maintainers will prefer that the debian directory be
> > added during in the diff.gz. I think the ftpmasters might find your way a
> > little shocking.
> > 
> > * You should remove the commented-out dh_* lines in debian/rules.
> Generally a great package. Hey other mentors -- is an empty .diff.gz something
> that will make the ftpmasters upset?
> If not, I will upload it immediately. Sage, I hope we work together to improve
> the other issues, but they're minor bugs compared to the great work you've
> done so far.

Thanks!  I'm moving debian/ into the diff.gz and cleaning out 
debian/rules, but will need some time to remember what my problem was with 
dh_strip (IIRC I couldn't make it generate multiple -dbg versions for the 
various binary .debs?).

I'm having one other problem: I'm using pbuilder to build debs on multiple 
platforms.  So I used dpkg-source -b to generate the original .dsc and 
.diff.gz.  Then copy these to another platform (i386 in this case) and run 
something like

sudo pbuilder build --basetgz ~/debian-base/sid.tgz --distribution sid  \
--buildresult release/0.19.1/out --debbuildopts -j`grep -c processor \
/proc/cpuinfo` release/0.19.1/ceph_0.19.1-1.dsc

The problem is that pbuilder is generating a _new_ .dsc and .diff.gz, with 
a slightly different md5sum (maybe in a timestamp in the .gz?), and the 
.changes file references the new .dsc.  Which then makes reprepro complain 
when I try to put it in the repository.  Shouldn't there be a single 
version of the .dsc and .diff.gz for all platforms?  Is there any reason 
pbuilder is generating a new one, and/or is there a way to make it not do 
that?  (I'm running pbuilder on lenny, if that's relevant... maybe I 
should try on a i386 sid machine.)

Also, should I be signing the .dsc?


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