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Re: RFS: numptyphysics

On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 6:57 AM, Leo "costela" Antunes
<costela@debian.org> wrote:
> Paul Wise wrote:
>> I personally think Debian should remove menu and replace it with
>> upstreamed patches for FreeDesktop menu support.
> Agreed in the long run, but since there are AFAIK (haven't checked in a
> while) still some window-managers/desktop-environments that don't fully
> support desktop files, it's just a minor hassle.

Agreed, and likewise some desktops that don't support the Debian menu
(or disable it by default).

>>> - [subjective] I don't believe the debian/clean files are really
>>> necessary. (though it probably doesn't hurt either)
>> That prevents the diff to those files after autoreconf from ending up
>> in the debian.tar.gz.
> I don't think I'm seeing the issue here. Care to elaborate a bit more?
> Isn't that the whole idea behind patching and running autoreconf in the
> first place? If we wanted the changed files produced by autoreconf in
> the debian.tar.gz we wouldn't need to run it, right? What am I missing?

If you don't remove the files on clean, then after autoreconf they
will be different from the ones in the orig.tar.gz. If you build the
package multiple times, then dpkg-source (with format v3) will add a
patch to debian/patches containing the diff of those files, for
dpkg-source 1.0, the diff will be added to the diff.gz. The patches
are ugly and a waste of space if you're running autoreconf before
./configure anyway.



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