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Re: RFS: enet


Michael Gilbert <michael.s.gilbert@gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks for pointing this out.  I had not realized that the enet package
> already exists.  I have now updated the existing package to version
> 1.2.1. The only change I needed to make was to fix up the freebsd patch
> due to some upstream changes.

But the new version should break the ABI/API once again:

  -ENET_API ENetSocket enet_socket_create (ENetSocketType, const ENetAddress *);
  +ENET_API ENetSocket enet_socket_create (ENetSocketType);
  +ENET_API int        enet_socket_bind (ENetSocket, const ENetAddress *);

Updating the package should require changing the soname once again and
maybe patching depending packages (which is why I was too lazy to do


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