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Re: RFS: collectl

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 02:26:54PM +0000, Seger, Mark wrote:
> >From: Bernd Schubert [mailto:bernd.schubert@fastmail.fm]
> >I have to clearly admit, that I don't care if it is a hyphen, dash or
> >minus,
> >for me all three are the same. I even don't know which of those three is
> >correct for something link "-s".
> >If Tim hadn't told me he wants to have lintian --pedantic errors fixed
> >as much
> >as possible, I probably never would have cared...

I'm not going to insist on the manpage lintian fixes in the first
upload, if it helps.  They can sometimes take a bit of work/thought to
get right, and I've not looked at this case in detail.

> I guess I'm a loss of what to do next, if anything.  I haven't been doing anything with CVS as collectl is just a couple of scripts.  If it would help I could send you a copy of the latest tarball.
> So right now I guess the big questions for me are:
> - are the man pages ok the way they are without having to worry about explicitly quoting everywhere I use a hyphen?  In fact, my keyboard only has a single character, do other keyboards actually differentiate?
> - I now have 3 more man pages for 3 utilities nobody every would use except me and each now references the others.  If this isn't necessary I'd be happy to remove them

I doubt this is necessary unless they're installed in /usr/bin/ (or
similar).  Debian doesn't require manual pages for auxiliary scripts -


You don't have to get rid of them necessarily, if they're useful

> - is it ok to keep my utility scripts in /usr/share/collectl/util so
> - I don't corrupt /usr/bin with files nobody really ever uses?  The
> - man pages I wrote for them DO include the explicit path so people
> - will know how to find them if they really want to.

That's probably best, because otherwise we *will* need man pages. :)

So I'd just make a release, and then you can make another release if
we come back with a huge set of man page fixes or whatever.

Tim Retout <tim@retout.co.uk>

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