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Re: RFS: libvigraimpex (updated package, fixes an RC bug)

Quoting "Jakub Wilk" <ubanus@users.sf.net>:

* Jakub Wilk <ubanus@users.sf.net>, 2009-10-12, 19:49:
 $(MAKE) install-exec install-includes prefix=$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp/usr; fi

It's a leftover. Awkwardly, it doesn't do any harm if /bin/sh is symlinked to


viff-typo.diff and docsrc-doxygen-any-version.diff hopefully could also be pushed upstream I guess.

I contacted upstream, and he:
- applied viff-typo.diff and docsrc-doxygen-any-version.diff patches in his VCS;
- is willing to include docsrc/ directory in upstream tarballs;
- has rewritten build system from scratch, so that (hopefully!) build-system.diff will be no longer needed.

All this sounds good to me; and now we are waiting for ?

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