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Re: NMU for libkarma (Rio Karma tools)?

On 10/12/09 07:02, Charles Plessy wrote:

Fixing bugs is very welcome, especially RC ones. Actually, you can save time to
fix more RC bugs by not fixing the less important ones in the packages that you
try to rescue :) I still recommend to not include a new upstream release in the
NMU you are proposing. Especially because the package is poorly maintained: the
side effect of the NMU is to rescue the package from removal, so if nobody
feels responsible for it, it is safer to not introduce changes that can
introduce new bugs.

Sorry to say, but this is counterproductive. AFAICS the new upstream
version works better than the old one, and it includes almost all bug
fixes done for Debian. If you suggest to ignore upstream's new version
and add patches to the old version instead, just because the package
maintainer is not interested anymore, then this leads to just another
dead package.

I want to do an NMU _because_ the package is poorly maintained. libkarma
has to be rescued. There is no alternative to this package.



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