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Autotools (library + binary) to debian packages

Hi mentors. Hope you can help me with this.

I have an Autotools project (named libfoo) with 3 main directories: lib for the library source code, include for the header files and src for the command line tool source code to deal with the library.

I using dh_make using Library creation mode. Then I modify debian/control file to tune the packages. The package blocks are:

Source: libfoo (for source code)
Package: libfoo0 (for .so file)
Package: libfoo0-dev (for .a .h files)
Package: foo (for binary file)

First question: It's good idea to merge library packages with single packages? Must I use a separate package build structure?

Then, when I run debmake my packages are built well. The second issue is when I added the packages to a repository using reprepro: the libfoo* files are included correctly in pool/main/libf but the foo package is also copied in pool/main/libf.
Reading the reprepro documentation it says:

"Source packages starting with lib are put into a directory named after the first four letters of the source name. Everything else is put in a directory having the first letter as name."

As the package blocks I use foo have as Source packages libfoo. Maybe this is important? When I build a separately single binary package with

Source: libfoo
Package: foo

It works correctly but this forces me to use 2 source packages when in fact are the same (libfoo.dsc == foo.dsc) since libfoo*.deb and foo.* are built from the same autotools project. How can I deal with this? Making symbolic links? Using another tool than reprepro? 1 autotools project == 1 debian package and vice versa?

Thanks, mentors.


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